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State election law requires the committee to collect the name, mailing address, occupation and employer name/address of any individual who makes a contribution to the committee

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Federal law prohibits NJAPAC from accepting contributions from foreign nationals. Individuals who have permanent U.S. residency (green cards) may contribute, however. State law prohibits NJAPAC from accepting contributions from banks, insurance companies, public utilities, cable television companies, and any majority shareholder in such entities. State law (The Casino Control Act – NJSA 5:12-138) prohibits NJAPAC from accepting contributions from companies that hold or are applicants for a casino license, including any holding company or subsidiary of a casino licensee or applicant. Contributions from officers, directors, and key employees of any such company are prohibited. In addition, contributions by members of the New Jersey Casino Control Commission and its employees are barred. It is illegal to reimburse any individual for a contribution to NJAPAC. It is illegal to receive a reimbursement for any contribution to NJAPAC. Contributions or gifts to NJAPAC are not tax-deductible